Saving a Piece of History Old Dairy Barn Restoration

Jeff Roussell


Project Description
Restoration of an old Vermont Dairy Barn, so it will stand another 100 years. Vermont like every state in this Great Country is loosing old Barns from the Landscape, I am just doing what I can do to save this one. As they say Once they are Gone, there Gone Forever. Work consists of jacking & leveling the barn above the first floor, as all the first floor walls are being replaced. Repairing the foundation in preparation for new beams and walls. Jack up and totally remove the High Drive floor and sill supports all the way back to the ground floor, pull in the walls and square up the door opening. Replace the floor supports with 8X8 Beams along with 2 layers of flooring, milled from trees harvested on the property. Build new door skirts and windows. On the back of the barn added a 10 opening door way with custom made T&G doors with windows. All this being completed with the knowledge of a Logger, Sawyer, Timber Framer, Mason, Carpenter, Painter, just one man with a few different hats. A Labor of Love

Finished Dimensions
Existing Barn 66'-6" x 41'-6"

Money Saved
Thousands of Dollars

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