Sawmill shed

Geoff Phillips


Project Description
The cantelever is 8’ so main building is only 12’ between the Douglas fir 8x8 posts that I burned and treated with special magic no decay on top of the posts I sat the main beams 2- 20’ Douglas fir 8x14” secured with timber lock stuctural screws $$$$$! And supported by two black walnut corbels . On top of those beautiful beams I sat some smaller 20’ 3x9.5rafters on 16” center again timber lock screws to attach $$$$$$$and then at last I laid the roof underlay some 20’ 1x8 Douglas fir attaching them with again structural screws $$$$$ ( I use to many of these) I bought the tin off of a old 40x60 shop someone took down so the metal was pretty cheap for the roof! I also had the windows from a neighbor replacing their windows they were free they helps with sawdust not being in operator’s face. The walls framing those free windows are some 2x8 Douglas fir boards and make great shelves and attached to those is off course the main event when viewing this beauty The board and batten siding is special for my area as it is ponderosa pine 1x12 and black walnut 1x5 ! Black walnut is a rare tree and mostly grows in yards in my area ! I really like the build and it does the number one job it was built for cheap the heavy snowfall off my motor and computer controls for the sawmill.

Finished Dimensions
20’x20’x 16’

Money Saved

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