Island Countertop with waterfall

Grant Guymon

LT15 Wide

Project Description
Counter top for kitchen island with water fall side down to floor. Epoxy fill and polyurethaning for smooth finish. First started with an ash log. Sliced to 2.5" thick using the LT15 Wide with optional power feed. They were put in the KD150 Kiln and dried to appropriately. Took them out of the kiln and flattened two book matched pieces. Lined up the grain between the two pieces and joint them together with dowels. Cut to fit in a mould for epoxy resin and poured in black tinted epoxy. Let cure then milled the entire top with a CNC and added in some dog bone walnut pieces for looks and crack support. Cut the waterfall angles and joined them together. Finished off with a polyurethane.

Finished Dimensions
42x90 including the water fall.

Money Saved

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