Work Shop

Tim Kirk

LT40HD Super

Project Description
I designed and built a large timber framed multi-purpose building. Over 400 timber members were sawn on the Woodmizer LT40 Super Hydraulic including over 200 3"x8" by 12 or 14 roof purlins. All of the timbers were put in to a shed to dry. Then I put them back on the mill again to true them up and cut them to the exact dimensions needed. Then each timber was planed using a Makita large profile hand held planer (12-1/4" wide) and then sanded with an orbital hand sander. Besides the roof purlins, timbers included 6" and 8" and 12" load bearing posts, 6" x 16" x 24 and 6" x 12" x 24 load bearing beams, 12" x 16" x 18 porch beams, and 6" x 6", 6" x 10", and 6" x 14" members for 8 primary roof trusses and 12 wing roof trusses. The 24 long beams were sawn on the 20 mill. Additionally, approximately 4000 square feet of 1"x10" fir siding was milled along with some 1" x 6" trim. The siding was applied in a "board on board" fashion. The dimensions of the lower level are 76 x 48 and the dimensions of the upper level are 76 x 24 including exterior porches. The lower level is primarily used for garage and shop space, storage space, tack room, a wine cellar, a full bath, and outdoor covered porch. The upper level is a living quarters and outdoor covered porch. .I live in Montana and acquired the logs from a logger in Wyoming. I hauled several loads of logs from his log yard located about a 2 hour drive away. All of the wood is fir, lodge pole pine, and spruce. I am in my 9th year of working on this building (not including design time). Most of the wood work is done with little things like installing light fixtures remain and my wife and I are currently living in the upper level living quarters.

Finished Dimensions
The lower level is 76' x 48' (3648 square feet) and the upper level is 76' x 24' (1824 square feet) including exterior covered porches.

Money Saved
$150K to $200K

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