Large Vertical Wooden Skateboard Ramp

Paul Gierow


Project Description
We built a 13ft tall vertical half-pipe skateboard ramp on our farm- Tennessee Rose. The wooden ramp is under a large barn cover. The sides of the ramp are built from hardwood species milled from trees on the farm which is a Stewardship Forrest. We milled the lumber in 2018 with the woodmizer LT 70. The rough sawn wood was air-dried under cover at the mill until 2022. The wood was planed to a 3/4 thickness and joined together. The wood species is red and white oak, black walnut, cherry and ash. An annual event is held at the ramp named Rage and the Rose (instragram @rageattherose)

Finished Dimensions
13ft high x 23ft long x 36 ft wide.

Money Saved

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