Hideaway Farm Barn

sebastian lombardo


Project Description
The barn will be completed by August 2023. I purchased my HD35 sawmill with the 12’ bed extension in November 2019 and have been cutting logs since then to build my barn and other projects. The barn is two stories and is approximately 7500 sq. ft. (38x98) . I cut a mixture of wood to build the barn , the large beams , floor joists and floor boards are Oak The siding and roof joists are Cottonwood and zero wood from the lumber yard. Many of the beams were cut using the bed extension and are 28 to 30’ long and The largest beams are 22”x14”x28’. The floor boards are 2 1/2” thick and vary from 18 to 22” wide. We added iron windows and doors ,steel connector and steel trusses to give the building More of an industrial feel. The 6 double Dutch doors on the south elevation we built on site in cherry. The first floor is 15 heigh the second floor is 34 at the top of the cathedral ceiling . The first floor will be used as a wood workshop and a horse stable , the second floor will be used as a entertainment space.

Finished Dimensions
approximately 7500 sq. ft. (38x98)

Money Saved

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